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«SugarCRM’s award-winning applications offer a single system of truth for managing customer interactions across different lines of business.»

The purpose of CRM solutions is to improve services provided to costumers during each critical step: prospecting, sales, after-sales services.

CRM solutions will help assist you with all your business management needs:

  • Marketing: provide management tools, targeting audience, market segmentation, sales opportunity apprehension, direct tmk policies…
  • Sales: provide contact and opportunity management tools,
  • After sales services: costumer support, services request, online support

We offer you peace of mind



Because implementing CRM solutions can be a hassle (contacts and account management, task and appointment tracking, dashboard…), we offer you our expertise, and will guide and assist you until you are comfortable using the features your need on your own.

Sugar CRM is a powerful open source tool, available in a free and a paid edition. It is used by over 1 million people.

Sugar CRM allows you to manage all your costumers accounts from any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera…).

You customize all the contents and form fields you need to make it your own.

The main features of Sugar CRM are:

  • Account and contact management: enter professional and personal informations, assign with email, activities, groups and preferences, search and export the results to Excel.
  • Document database: order and archive documents (catalogs, templates, brochures…)
  • Email marketing and campaign wizard: manage email templates and mailing lists, analyze the feedbacks, send newsletters…

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